Our CEO Eng. Sami Al Mufleh

Eng. Sami Al Mufleh

“In this part of the world, everybody makes money. Everyone has nice cars, nice offices and a nice standard of life. But I am proud to say that I am the same after ten years as I was on day one. You have to be the same humble person all the time, let other people talk about your success – not you.”

Sami Al Mufleh, CEO Hills Advertising LLC in a interview for Arabian Business Magazine, May 2014

Behind the success of Hills Advertising is the passion and vision of a man who has been described as everything from being the guru of outdoor advertising, to the humble entrepreneur.

A civil engineer, with a keen interest in sustainable urban planning and technology, Sami Al Mufleh has had the forward thinking, business sense and innovative capability to transform the concept of outdoor advertising from pure saleable media space to developing value-added locations where advertisers want to be present. He has revolutionized the outdoor advertising industry in Dubai to the second largest medium after broadcast advertising, making Hills Advertising the fastest growing and largest outdoor advertising company in the Middle East.

A successful businessman and the recipient of many entrepreneurship and industry awards, Sami is keen on progressing a company and an industry that provide opportunities for employment, growth and innovation to young and driven individuals. Operating in competitive and growing markets, Sami has heavily invested in his industry, as well as in the community, in his belief that social impact is an equally important pillar of economic development.

For over a decade, Sami has been championing the Hills brand, which has become synonymous with being the biggest and the best in the outdoor advertising arena. Under a group umbrella, Sami also runs several successful companies in the fields of healthcare, investments, hospitality, and real estate.

Sami Al Mufleh is an accredited engineer, having received his Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree at Jordan University, followed by a Masters degree in Business Administration from Cambridge University.