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The Beach

The Beach

Hills Advertising owns and operates all digital advertising at “The Beach”, which is an area that covers over 700m in JBR. Located directly on the beachfront, we offer 27 media poles with interactive touch-screens that allow users to take selfies, check currency and weather, upcoming events, etc. We also offer media walls and a mega screen for advertising purposes in various locations. Last but not least, the biggest outdoor cinema screen that is used for advertising, movies, sports games, events, etc.

Advantages of Advertising at The Beach:
  • 16 million visitors annually (30,000 to 50,000 per day)
  • One of the main destinations in Dubai
  • Targets everyone (all different demographics and age-groups)
  • 100% pedestrians in the perfect relaxed state of mind
  • Offers combination of different restaurants and retail outlets


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