The Team

The team at Hills embraces adaptation, innovation and excellence as being crucial to success. Pioneering the introduction of new technologies and media solutions, Hills takes pride in having a team of ‘innovation engineers’, people who thrive on new ideas and new possibilities in a constantly developing industry.

Throughout the12-year journey of the company, Hills has fostered the growth of a dynamic and dedicated team of professionals, many of whom continue to thrive with the company and drive its success.

Our robust Sales & Marketing team is complemented by a qualified Engineering & Operations crew, the combined expertise of who is a key differentiator for us in the market. Empowered by a strong administrative foundation, our Finance, HR and Administration teams are made-up of a diverse weave of talent.

Creative, innovative and Loyal to the Hills brand, our team is lead by Chief Executive Officer, Sami Al Mufleh, who founded the company on the basis of excellence in both people and business. Al Mufleh communicates his strategic and long-term vision for Hills by attracting and fostering team members who are passionate about the industry and who are willing to maintain a ‘Spirit of Excellence’ mentality. The leadership team inspires all to be optimistic and proactive about the new approaches to the outdoor advertising industry.

If you are inspired to join our team, please visit our Careers section to upload your CV.