Make your own money work for you

Advertising isn’t a cost, it’s an investment and thanks to Hills Advertising L.L.C unique booking system, you can start making it pay for itself in as little as 30 minutes. Our App gives you access to over 100 Advertising sites throughout the Dubai , because you can see exactly which ones you’re buying, you can be sure to secure the spots which will reach your audience, grab their attention and drive them to your door.

Available sites include roadside, cinema a Bridge Advertising ,Unipole Advertising , Lampposts Advertising , Hoardings Advertising , Golden Gate , Al Maktoum Unipole LED .

As well as making sure your advertising reaches the right people, Hills Advertising L.L.C B-to-B service can also help you format, print and install your campaign, The end result is a super simple, highly effective way to plan, produce and supply bold, eye-catching advertising .

The new application is the first MENA Outdoor Advertising App that is compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices at an International level. 

The new App features include: 

  • New User Experience Design 
  • Sales Automation Leads
  • Categories System 
  • Slider Media to focus on our best Media locations
  • New Interactive Map discover our  locations with amazing filters 
  • Map Searching with draw area by simple finger touch 
  • Allows Booking Multiple Media with Just a Few Clicks. 
  • New Notification System 
  • Nearby Media
  • Featured Media 
  • Media Booking Order System

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

Please find below the downloadable links:

IOS App Link Click Here

Google Play Store App

New Interactive Website