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Direct exposure, uninterrupted visibility and credibility for your brand’s campaign. Whether it be as a launch, awareness, or new offering; we will help direct you to an optimum media solution for maximum traction and return. Our experience in large established brands, SME’s, and start-ups; We at Hills Advertising are fit to guide you through your brand’s growth.

With the most extensive and prestigious portfolio of assets across the UAE, we will cater proposals directly fitting your client’s requests. Having worked for all industries, and types of clients alike; your briefs will be matched and exceed expectations to ensure your long-terms partnerships with your clients.

As a franchise partner we understand the brand reputation you uphold, and the need for targeted advertising schemes for your outlet/ product. Given the multitude of solutions whether offline or online, we will advise and activate efficiently to diret traffic directly to you.

Call us or browse the variety of mediums, locations, or clients to envision your brand’s future. Covering all premium, high traffic, and quality hot-spots of Dubai; the creative potential is yours to hone!

CEO Message

“In this part of the world, everybody makes money. Everyone has nice cars, nice offices and a nice standard of life. But I am proud to say that I am the same after ten years as I was on day one. You have to be the same humble person all the time, let other people talk about your success – not you.”

Sami Al Mufleh, CEO Hills Advertising LLC in a interview for Arabian Business Magazine, May 2014

About us

Established in 2003, Hills Advertising L.L.C. has earned its recognition as one of the top outdoor advertising agencies in the Middle East. Fast-growing and diverse, Hills owns prime advertising locations regionally and internationally and offers creative media solutions across both traditional and digital media.

Golden Gates

Traditional signage offers only one chance to convey all necessary information of a campaign.

Dubai Gateway LED

Dubai Gateway LED is located on Sheikh Zayed Road opposite to Habtoor Palace, LXR Hotels & Resorts
right before dubai canal bridge,It is a unique location in very prime area.

Al Maktoum Unipole

With its sheer size of 16:9, our high definition LED digital unipole has the capability to display multiple messages that will assuredly attract the attention of potential customers.

Unipole Advertising

Static, eye-catching and visually captivating; the perfect medium for image-based campaigns, large format logos, and scene marketing!

Lamppost Advertising

Lamppost advertising is one of the most traditional forms of outdoor advertising because of their ability to guarantee exposure in high traffic locations.

Bridge Advertising

Our pride; through direct visibility, and direct to eye level; it is the ideal means to catch your audience with your trademark colour scheme, slogan, or catch phrase. Include special LED lights, dye-cuts, or even a twist of humour and you are sure to captivate everyone.